Perhaps it was a bad omen this morning that I managed to catch the toast on fire, fill the house with burnt-toast smoke, set off the smoke alarm, and cause the dogs and children to all freak out at once in one unholy racket!

I tossed the smoldering toast remains in the bin then climbed on a chair and stopped the alarm. Every window in the house needed opening, to get rid of the stink. Bloody nuisance. I threw the toaster in the wizz bin on our way out the door to school. That thing has been on its way out all week but today it was really fried.  Continue reading

strike the balance

I am determined to start Term 2 well.

I spent today in preparation for the week ahead. I emptied the laundry of all the washing and ironing. Mark assisted in the putting away. I cooked up a quiche for lunches, a huge roast leg of lamb for dinner (with enough meat leftover and frozen for Wednesday night’s meal). I found uniforms; sorted out school bags and lunchboxes. I spent the time setting the house in order before I set about ensuring I was ready for school.  Continue reading